BR30 Sengled® Everbright 12W Dimmable Warm White Indoor (Single)

BR30 Sengled® Everbright 12W Dimmable Warm White Indoor (Single)

BR30 Sengled® Everbright 12W Dimmable Warm White Indoor (Single)
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Everbright provides light when you need it the most. During a power outage, Everbright can run off its internal backup battery for 4-12 hours (depending on selected settings) so you don’t have to fumble around for a flashlight or try to remember where you put the matches.

Simply twist the Everbright into any existing light socket and it will automatically charge the Lithium-Ion battery inside. Operate Everbright as you would a normal bulb and rest easy knowing that you will have light at all times. 



Don’t be left in the dark

No more fumbling around for a flashlight. Everbright is the light bulb that automatically switches on when the power goes out, providing reliable emergency light for power outages, storms and more. Recharges using the power current from your standard light socket.

Emergency Lighting for Every Room

Get the on-demand convenience of a flashlight with the long-lasting energy efficiency of an LED light bulb. The integrated backup battery and no-wires installation means Everbright is ready, even when you aren't.

Light it up, only when you want to

Everbright can be turned on and off as normal during a power outage, so you can use it as necessary or save it for later.

Note: All product specifications below are on a per bulb basis.


Power Usage 12W
Power Supply
120V AC 60Hz
650lm on AC power, 250lm 0r 100 lm on backup battery
Beam Angled
110 degrees

Physical Attributes

Base Type  E26
Lithium-ion battery with intelligent charging logic
Rated Life 25000 Hours
Color Temperature 2700K

Model Details

Manufacturer Model
Lighting Technology LED
Wet-Rated No
Dimmable No
3-Way Bulb No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year